Exploring the Versatility of France With a Rental Car

France has emerged as one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe and with a rental car at their disposal, tourists can certainly make the most of their time in this culturally as well as historically- rich country. France makes for a perfect holiday destination for tourists from all over the world and we, at Cars Rental France, work towards offering both business as well as leisure tourists with the best holiday experience.

Through our association with some of the top- notch suppliers of rental cars in the country, we offer all visitors with the biggest fleet of rental cars. Travelers can select the rental car of their choice, compare the prices as well as inclusions offered across different suppliers and then book cars; based on the car hire package of their choice. Some of the car rental suppliers in France we are  proudly associated with include brands like Alamo, Firefly, Europcar and Hertz among others.

How We Guarantee Lowest Car Hire Prices?

Our multi currency, 3- step online booking engine is very smart & easy to use that allows travelers to compare car rental deals in their native currency. We present you same car from multiple suppliers making it easy for you  to choose lowest priced car rental. Alternatively, you can select car using ‘Supplier’ filter that allows you to search all cars from that particular supplier. To make your deals budget friendly, our database is updated with all economy cars that are available on cheap prices. For travelers who are looking for luxury cars, we have wide fleet of luxury rental cars too.

To make your trip more economical we made our booking engine more advanced and now you can also select a car using ‘diesel only’ car option, which will search only diesel cars for you. Diesel cars are preferred by most travelers as they are more economical to operate as compared to gasoline fueled cars.

Cars Rental France is does its best by providing travelers with deals that cover several inclusions as well as extra benefits. Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Waiver, Unlimited Mileage, Airport surcharges, Reduction in Taxes, etc. are some of the inclusions offered by our suppliers, to make sure that the traveler has to face no liability in case of accidents as well as theft of property in the car.

We compare for you, so you don’t have to !

Our Car Hire Suppliers

Book with best car rental suppliers in France

  • alamo
  • europcar
  • hertz
  • sixt
  • enterprise
  • firefly

Major auto routes in France

  • A6 and A7 go from the country’s north to south, touching all the famous beach resorts.
  • While A13 is specifically for Normandy, A26 is generally used by tourists arriving from the UK, and leaving for Champagne.
  • A29 forms the part of Route de Estuaries, a network of motorways traversing the estuaries if the English Channel.
  • A40, the white motorway, leads to Chamonix and other winter resort destinations.
  • The N104, also called La Francilienne, encircles the region of Ile-de-France.

Benefits of booking with us

  • Collision Damage Waiver

    It is an optional damage waiver which enables all travelers in France to have minimal liability in case of any accident or damage to the rental car.

  • Theft Waiver

    At Cars Rental France, travelers are also entitled to receive the Theft Waiver so that they are not charged in case the car gets stolen or theft of any property in the car.

  • Liability Insurance

    With the help of liability insurance, all travelers can make sure that they are not held responsible for the damages and risks faced during their trip.

  • Unlimited Mileage

    An ideal choice for road trips, unlimited mileage ensures that travelers can drive the rental cars in France for as many miles as they want without being charged anything extra.

  • Wide List of Pickup/ Drop Off Locations

    In France, our car rental company offers a wide list of pickup and drop off points to all travelers including all the prominent cities as well as airports in the country.

Tips for Driving Safe in France

  • French Road Signs Most of the road signs in France are easily recognizable. With vehicles always driven on the right side, it will be easier for all drivers to notice the places names prominently as compared to road numbers.
  • Driving License & Age Restrictions An individual must be more than 18 years of age and should have their valid foreign driving licenses in order to be able to drive across all the states in France for 1 year.
  • Speed Limits France has strict speed limits to be followed across all the cities and there are radar speed traps as well as on the spot fines liable to be paid by all defaulters.
  • Traffic LightsTraffic lights in France go directly from red to green and there is no in between light to warn drivers. The traffic lights are usually mounted higher, making it difficult for the first car to see it.
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Popular Locations to Visit in France


Cannes is a popular resort town located in French Riviera and is known all over the world for its annual Cannes Film Festival. The sandy beaches, curving coastlines, classic hotels and modern boutiques sum up for a perfect French holiday.

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Marseille is one of the oldest cities in Europe and also an important Mediterranean seaport in France. The medieval architecture, cultural venues, universities, several industries as well as Roman ruins here attracts tourists from all over the world.

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The city of Lyon is popular among tourists for its extravagant taste in fashion, shopping as well as French cuisine. The local cuisine of Lyon has garnered ample attention from vacationers. There are several restaurants here serving lip- smacking delicacies.

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Provence is a stunningly- beautiful city in France known for its extensive collection of churches, museums, shops and articulate markets. Tourists here love to take walks across the city catching glimpse of its beauty while indulging in some relaxing time in France.

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