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Why is France the Most Visited Country in World

Why is France the Most Visited Country in World

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Why is France the world’s most visited country?

The French Republic continues to be the world’s favorite when it comes to spending holidays. The country welcomed nearly 89 million tourists in 2017, an unprecedented increase from the past year. I believe that the remarkable turnaround from the 2015 terrorist attacks, which triggered a downward trend in tourist inflows, is largely attributed to the below-mentioned six factors. Presence of these growth inducing factors contributes to France bagging the topmost slot, year after year.

1. Paris – the French Capital

Paris - the French Capital

An instant hit among the foreign visitors, Paris attracts nearly 30 million foreign tourists annually. In fact, no other city across the globe gets so many visitors in one year. Besides its unforgettable romantic image, Paris is widely acclaimed for pleasing architecture, the formidable Eiffel Tower, the iconic Louvre museum, and the picture perfect sunsets. Disneyland Paris is a special destination in itself, with more than 15 million visitors passing through its gates every year. The theme park’s listing in Europe’s leading tourism destination further makes it an unmissable attraction for tourists. Needless to mention Paris’ very own long list of authentic French cafes and restaurants that serve delectable cuisines.

2. Geographic Location

Geographic Location

France’s location in Western Europe is another favorable factor that benefits tourism. The country’s close proximity to Germany and the United Kingdom gives holidaymakers of both the European nations a quick access to the French territory. Moreover, France the country is positioned in such a way that you have to enter France if your end destination happens to be either Spain or Italy. Such a coincidental geographic advantage definitely gives France an edge over other European destinations.

3. Art, Culture & History

Art, Culture & History France

Having endured the monarchic rule, French Revolution, World War I, and World War II, France spares no effort to highlight its struggles and achievements as a country to outside visitors. Besides the innumerable art galleries and museums, France is home to about 35 UNESCO World Heritage sites. The country’s entire landscape is punctuated with historical battles’ sites, imposing castles, and fascinating cathedrals. The sheer grandeur of iconic monuments can be understood from the fact that only Louvre in Paris attracts more than 9 million visitors in a year!

4. Vast Countryside

Vast Countryside France

It may sound surprising to you but nearly 80% of mainland France is countryside. While Paris is arguably at the top of ‘must-visit places list’ of travelers, the French countryside is what’s next they drive to. Free from the hustle and bustle of crowded metropolitans, rural France is replete with untouched beauty and rejuvenating solitude. A fun aspect of visiting rural France is that it also gives you a unique chance to deeply understand the traditional French culture. Rent a car through Cars Rental France to explore the beautiful countryside of France at your own pace.

5. Food & Wine

Food & Wine France

Gastronomical finesse is what France has been known for decades and takes pride in. The famed French specialties like bœuf bourguignon (beef stewed in red wine), coq au vin (chicken braised in red wine, mushrooms, and lardons), and escargots de bourgogne (snails, along with their shells, baked with parsley butter) attract food lovers from all over the world. On top of it is county’s excellence in producing a variety of wines. No wonder that you’ll feel compelled enough to visit at least once the wine-rich regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Provence.

6. Variety of Terrains

Variety of Terrains France

You may find it surprising but a huge majority of French nationals prefer to spend their summer holidays in their own country instead of going overseas. Why? Well, because France is home to sandy beaches, snowy mountains, and a huge countryside to explore. Whether you are planning a beachside vacation, camping in the mountains, or simply want to discover the amazing French cities, the country has got something for everyone. Also noteworthy is France’s temperate weather, which remains quite bearable in summers to plan an outing.

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Why is France the Most Visited Country in World

Why is France the Most Visited Country in World