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Things You Should Know Before Visiting France


Travel Guide

France enjoys the reputation of being one of the most cherished as well as frequently- visited countries in the world and there are both dazzling cities as well as picturesque countryside here which will make for a perfect vacation for both business and leisure travelers. Like every lesser- known destination that you are traveling to, visiting France also comes with its own share of ups and downs and it entirely depends on the preparations that you as a traveler are considering before visiting this stunningly diverse and dignified destination.
For an unparalleled experience with food, art, culture, architecture as well as quality of life, travelers can acquire cost- effective rental cars through us and make the most of their French vacation.
At Cars Rental France, we have associations with several top notch suppliers of rental cars in the country and provide all travelers with the most comprehensive fleet of rental cars to select from. Planning your French vacation with us will also enable all visitors to make the most of their time without the need of missing out on any of the popular experiences which are unique to France.
In order to make sure that you have a safe and well- planned stay in France, below are some of the important things that you must consider while in this European country.

Important Things to Know Before Planning your French Vacation

  • Always use maps; Say NO to GPS

    As it is known with GPS systems, they will navigate you from one destination to another, however, not providing any information about what you are missing on the way. Instead, make use of the yellow maps for keeping track of each and every attraction that you might be encountering on route to your next destination in the country.

  • Learn a little French

    When planning to visit France, travelers can keep some general French words as well as phrases handy so that they face less difficulty while communicating with the locals here. In most of the cases, the native French people may correct your dialect or simply answer you back in English itself. However, trying to speak French language is a very friendly gesture and it will open more doors for all tourists. In case travelers have no French words or phrases in their kitty, they can easily get away with making friends here since English has successfully evolved as an international language here even though native French people prefer to speak French language most of the times. However, you will always find French people speaking their own native language simply because they are proud of it!

  • Be open to unplanned activities in France

    Travelers are used to planning their vacations beforehand and even though they have an itinerary prepared for them, there are often activities and destinations which fall in their kitty unplanned and these are undoubtedly the most cherished moments of every trip. While in France, be prepared to encourage all last minutes plans like spending some time gazing into the open skies in the countryside as well as catching up on eateries and local wineries which offer free wine tasting. Encourage your unplanned encounters with the true French experience and charm.

  • Say NO to overeating; SKIP hotel breakfasts

    Given to the popularity of French cuisine, it is needless to say that travelers will be more than happy to gorge on the lip- smacking cuisines here, however, make it a point not to overeat here. One could easily get carried away given to the lavish breakfast menus offered at the hotels here which serves some of the best cuisines from all over France. Eating less in France will not only makes it easier for you to travel more and explore more places; rather it will also lighten your pockets. Instead of piling up on the food offered by your hotel, make it a point to try as much French food as you can from the local restaurants and eateries which offer food at cheaper prices. Instead, you can bundle up money throughout the day by munching on local eateries and splurge on a lavish lunch or dinner.

  • Make it is a point to walk everyday


    Since you will not be paying much heed to the above advice, it is necessary for all tourists to walk more. After piling up on so much of rich French cuisines, no one would like to feel bloated for the rest of their trip. A little walking on a regular basis will help you to feel lighter and more energetic during your stay in France. Especially while taking a tour of the monuments and historic ruins here, prefer to walk rather than driving around in your car. It is also a great way of bonding with the locals and other tourists.

  • Do not read and walk

    If you think it is more convenient to walk and read those maps and brochures here, you need to think again! France is not the best place to walk with your eyes closed and certainly not a place to read while walking. The cobbled streets, steep hills and dogs crapping almost anywhere as well as everywhere is common in most parts of France. If you want to catch up with some quick information or peak into the maps here, it is always better to stop and read.

  • Prefer staying in smaller places

    France offers a comprehensive list of staying places with 2 and 3 star ratings that provide tourists with ample amenities and benefits ensuring a secure and relaxing stay. Cleanliness is in the blood of French people and it is evident from their spick and span hotel rooms. At these comparatively smaller places, you are more likely to meet French travelers who can assist you with better destinations to explore in the country, not to forget the cheaper prices.

  • Bring extra clothing

    If your ideal French vacation is supposed to last for a week, it is always advised to pack 1-2 days of extra clothing. This will not only come handy in case of an emergency; rather you can also save on the over- priced French Laundromats.

  • Do not leave your belongings in a rental car

    If you are driving a rental car in France, make it a point never to leave your belongings in the car while parking across countryside and villages. There are locals petty thieves who prey on rental cars since these are mostly driven around by tourists and foreigners. Always double- check your rental car to see if you have forgotten anything in there. If you are traveling with luggage, make sure to leave the bags in your hotel room before getting out for some sightseeing and other adventures here.

  • Prefer taking the train


    When in France, trains are undoubtedly the safest, cheapest as well as fastest mode of transportation. Train service is readily available across all destinations here and runs until very late, with security guards manning the coaches.
    These are some cautionary tidbits which will make your stay and commutation in France safe and convenient while you can enjoy the cultural and historic wonders of France with utmost ease, often enjoying a croissant while on the go.

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