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What Makes France a Popular Tourist Destination?


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France records millions of international tourists every year from different parts of the world and with the numbers usually reaching to a whooping 84 million tourists, it is needless to say that France is the most visited tourist destination. With tourism being the primary industry here, the number of visitors arriving in this part of the world keeps multiplying with each passing year.


One may often wonder about what makes France such a treasured tourist destination in the world. The charm and aura of this historically and culturally rich country is a boon for travelers who get enticed by its tourism appeal.

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For those of you who are wondering about what makes this part of the world a major tourism hub, can take a walk through our collection of facts about what makes France a popular tourism destination.

Reasons Why France is a Popular Tourist Destination

You won’t find another PARIS!


Also termed as the “City of Lights”, Paris is one of the many things which you will find nowhere else in the world. This French capital is a major draw for tourists, especially popular among die- hard romantics and people looking forward to spending some amazing time gazing into the twinkling stars near the iconic Eiffel Tower. The spectacular architecture and the Louvre Museum here are must- see destinations in the country, also enabling tourists to catch a glimpse of the speeding world around them while enjoying a nice cup of coffee in one of the open terrace cafes. The city of Paris has surely gripped international tourists over years and it continues to be flocked by millions of tourists year after year. The next time you are in France, do not forget to visit the Disneyland.

The stunningly- beautiful countryside

The beauty and tranquility of French countryside has made it popular among all tourists and it is an undeniable fact that all tourists make it a point to explore the picturesque countryside on their French vacation. Far from the hustles of city life, there are several spectacular countryside destinations in France including Provence and Loire Valley among others. The rural life in France portrays a romantic and never- seen before charm and tranquility of its own; hence enabling tourists to spend some contrasting time away from the towns and cities.

The strategic number of borders

Interestingly, France shares its borders with eight nations, which makes its location a strategically reachable one from several distinct entry points. There are ferries from several different countries which connect to the French mainland, even though there are several other countries with more number of borders. However, the tourism appeal of France could not only be credited to its geographic location. The country has a lot to offer to both domestic and international tourists in terms of culture, art, fashion, commerce, tourism as well as historical heritage to name a few.

Perfect weather for vacationers

One of the eminent factors which make France a great vacation destination is the mild climate here during springs and autumns. With the summers being exceptionally warm and delightful, there are waves of sun- seekers who throng towards different beaches and seaside resorts in France.

Rich combination of sea, sun and mountains

French people mostly prefer to spend their holidays within their own country given to the fact that there is no dearth of sandy beaches, spectacular countryside, snow- covered mountains and rolling hills here. All these factors are also responsible for making France popular among international travelers who travel extensively throughout the country to take a closer glance at different regions which offer completely different yet blissful appearances of their own. On one hand, there is rolling countryside like Brittany, Provence and on another; there are cities like Paris and Marseille.

Fine wine and dining


With several Michelin star restaurants and eateries gracing the French soil, it is natural for France to enjoy the reputation of being one of the most diverse and cherished country cuisine- wise.  When in France, no one can miss the chance of dining on the French specialties. It is often referred as the Food Capital of the World which encourages chefs and restaurant owners here in using more homemade ingredients. Also, a French meal is distinctly incomplete without a few glasses of vintage wines. The fact that there are several centuries- old wineries located in the countryside makes way for the production of homemade wines, also offering free tastings to all tourists. Some of the popular wine producing regions in France include Burgundy and Bordeaux among others.

Art, Culture and Historical Heritage

France is distinctly proud of its history, culture and art scene and the historical sites here dating back to the two World Wars as well as the era of French Revolution are a part of every tourist’s itinerary.  A plethora of stunning chateaux, cathedrals and churches decorate the landscape of France with the famous D- Day landings and Somme adding their grace and charm; hence multiplying the charm of this country many folds.

Plethora of historical sites


With more than 39 sites in France listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this country stands at the fourth position in global ranking. The museums and art galleries here house thousands of artifacts and works of art from prominent artists from all over the world, attracting millions of tourists every year. The Louvre Museum is famous for showcasing Leonardo da Vinci’s popular painting Mona Lisa.

As a popular tourist destination, France is a country which virtually has it all. Starting from iconic landmarks to world- class architecture, enticing ski resorts, pristine sandy beaches, snow- covered mountains and lip- smacking cuisines, France offers all tourists with the true feel and essence of a European holiday.

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