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Best Rides and Attractions at Disneyland Paris


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Located in the lovely town of Marne-la-Vallée, some 20 miles east of Paris’ city center, Disneyland Paris – the Kingdom-style Theme Park – has been enthralling the visitors ever since its inception in 1992 as Euro Disney. No wonder, today, it is Europe’s most visited Theme Park!

And why not, it lives up to the expectation. Sprawled over an area of about 4800 acres, it successfully offers the magical experience which has become so synonymous with the word Disney!

Though all of its rides – inspired by some of the best-ever Disney characters – are exceptional, yet all can’t be labeled as thrilling. And since most of us visit the place with a time limit hanging over our heads as swords, we present you the list of best 8 rides in Disneyland Paris so that you can still catch the best of the fun even if you are short of time! But before moving on, let’s talk a bit about the best transport options when visiting Disneyland Paris.

Transport Options: What Is the Best Way to Move About Disneyland Paris?

Out of all the options – free Disney shuttles, public transport and car rentals – a car rental is the best way to travel. This is because, though Disney shuttle service can take you almost anywhere within the Disney Resort, it is out of bounds when it comes to Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, Golf Disneyland, and Disneyland Hotel. So if you are planning to stay at the ranch or the Disneyland Hotel, renting a car for Disneyland Paris from our partner supplier Hertz – the official partner of Disneyland Paris – would prove quite beneficial. Not only will it allows you to move around the Resort freely on your schedule but would also give you the freedom to explore Paris, which is just 40 km away from the Resort, and its nearby areas.

The Best Thrill Rides at Disneyland Paris:

1. Crush Coaster

Based on the character of the turtle – Crush – from the movie “Finding Nemo”, this ride is quoted as the ultimate favorite among the visitors. We are sure that this mouse roller coaster ride, with its exceptional visual storytelling, would certainly leave you ravenous for more!! Since it is the most pursued ride at DLP, long ticket queues are a common occurrence, but every minute of the wait would for sure prove worth it once you enter the ride!


2. Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Located in the sub-section of Disneyland Park – the Adventure Land, Indiana Jones and the temple of Peril is based on the popular movie of the same name. This coaster ride consists of a high-speed train which takes you on an escapade as its slithers through the temples and the mountains, all the while giving you the frights with its steady flow of “sudden and well-crafted twists and turns”.


3. Pirates of the Caribbean

No one can deny the magic weaved by the movie “the Pirates of the Caribbean”, can you? No way! Disneyland has tried to gauge the magic in this ride and has certainly succeeded with flying colors. This ride takes you through a dark dungeon full of pirates, and the atmosphere – that they create through loud noises and heavy decorations – would certainly make you yell with joy and dread, both at the same time. The huge drop which comes out of nowhere is definitely its biggest highlight!


4. Tower of Terror

Out and out terrifying, Tower of Terror is Disneyland Paris’ only ride which people love to try again and again, despite the fact that it is quite horrifying! Just don’t change your mind on hearing the ear-splitting screams that you will hear while waiting for your turn; don’t miss out this unparalleled experience at any cost for you will not be able to catch it anywhere else.

On the inside, the setup is that of an abandoned hotel full of cobwebs; after a few quiet moments a scary man – supposedly the caretaker – comes and begins reciting a hair-raising spooky tale. As he finishes the story, he ushers all the people into a lift. And to one’s shock, this lift drops!! And as it continues to drop, all you can do is yell your heart out in dread!! Certainly Amazing! Don’t be surprised if you end up doing it again!


5. Star Tours

Disneyland Paris has certainly outdone itself when it comes to finding intriguing concepts!! Star Tours is one such concept that keeps you on your toes. Based on the Star Wars movie by George Lucas, it is a motion simulated ride, something you would love if a multi-dimensional experience is your weak spot!


6. Phantom Manor

All the Disney Resorts around the globe are known to have at least one Haunted Mansion but Phantom Manor of Disneyland Paris is certainly the best thing out there. From entering the manor – decorated from tip to toe with creepy stuff – to taking the tour of the impressive house from the dining room to the room of Horrors, it proves to be a fun experience. Must say, the live actors, the splendid decorations and the eerie atmosphere is what makes it so highly recommended! Don’t miss it!


7. Space Mountain: Mission 2

The version of Space Mountain: Mission 2 ride found at Disneyland Paris is one of a kind for though it is a mouse-style ride but it is anything but tame. And know what, ever since its opening in 1992 it has continued to retain its rage status. It was quoted as the ‘savior’ of Disneyland Paris back in 1992 by the then CEO, and even today it is counted among the best, second only to Crush Coaster. It takes place in the dark, so be prepared for a hell-of-a-ride for it will be next-to-impossible for you to predict which turn will come when.


8. Buzz Light Year Laser Blast

A ride which can be enjoyed by the whole family – Disneyland’s Buzz Light Year Laser Blast, based on Toy Story is definitely one of the highlights of Disneyland Paris, especially when there is a kid in tow. It merges the Amusement park concept with a shooting game, and though better versions exist at other places like 3-D Toy Story Midtown Mania ride at California Adventure, it is still way better than some of the other dud options at Disneyland Paris like Storybook Land Canal Roads and Casey Jr. Circus Train.

There are other rides that you can try if you are going to stay longer in Paris like it’s a Small World, the Mysteries of Nautilus, Alice’s Curious Labyrinth and the Gallery of Sleeping Beauty Castle. And if you want to spend a day experiencing other facets of Disneyland Paris, go for Disney Parades and shows like Motor stunt show and Animagique.

Have a great time in Disneyland Paris!

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