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Best Markets to Visit on Your Holiday in France


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France is known all over the world to be a master nation in the culinary arts. And a lot of the credit goes to the quality produce throughout the country. The local markets in every city are said to have the best products whether it comes to food or any other shopping. Here is a short list of some French cities and their most popular local markets.

Marché Des Enfants Rouges, Paris

The oldest market hall in Paris, this place was built in 1628 and is still the most visited market in the city. The name of the market means “Market of the Red Children” and is named after an orphanage nearby where the children wore red coats. The market has numerous big stalls where people can buy fruits, vegetables, flowers and a lot of organic products. A lot of stalls also sell ready to eat the food of different cuisines from all over the world, and the visitors can eat in the small seating arrangements in the market.

Cours Saleya, Nice

Cours Saleya is the brightest marketplace in the center of the Old Town in Nice and is filled with stalls selling the freshest produce in the whole city. Visitors can buy food, fruits, cheese, and stroll through the big flower section of the market that has the most beautiful collection. On Mondays, the visitors can take a look at antiques and collectible items that are sold with special attention. Cours Saleya is the liveliest place in Nice and you can spend hours here without getting bored, and also have nice meals to keep you going through the day.

Quai Saint-Antoine, Lyon

One of the two biggest outdoor food markets in Lyon, Quai Saint-Antoine is the best place to shop for fresh and local organic produce, gourmet foods, and has numerous stalls that sell a variety of other items. Try to visit the market early morning to avoid crowds and have a nice time strolling through the marketplace. There are over 140 vendors that build up the market that started in 1940. The scenic location of the market on the banks of Saone River makes the visit worth the effort.

Amboise Market, Loire Valley

Dozens of stalls on the banks of river Loire selling a variety of items including anything and everything you can think of – food, wine, clothes, antiques, jewelry, furniture and even birds sometimes! The food is fresh and organic and absolutely worth the trip. The market is most crowded on Sundays when people start arriving early mornings and get their hands on the best products. After shopping and a stroll in the market, you can also have a picnic by the river and have a relaxing time.

Marché des Capucins, Bordeaux

The largest market in the region full of vineyards – Bordeaux, this is the best place to visit for foodies. Freshest produce, meat, delicious food, and the most beautiful flowers – you get it all here. Numerous stalls in the market sell the best products, which the tourists should always find time for. The market is frequently visited by top chefs in the region for the A-grade quality of local produce. Make sure to not miss a trip to the market on your next visit to Bordeaux.

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